How do I find my way to Holiday ParkPlus?

Just click here and you’ll get a Google Maps view showing you where to go, and it’s best to print it out before you get there.

What do I need to program into my navigation system to get to Holiday ParkPlus?

„22335 Hamburg“ and „Obenhauptstraße 15“. You will then see the large parking garage on the corner of Weg beim Jäger. Then nothing can go wrong.

Are there any advantages to booking early?

Yes, and several at once:
· In the parking category of your choice, a parking space will be kept free for you in any case.
· There is no need to search for a suitable parking space on site.
· There’s no need to go to a cash machine, and no need to worry about having cash on hand to pay.
· Parking with reservation is more convenient, saves time and saves your nerves.
· You only need to visit the pay station if you exceed the parking time.

What do I have to consider if I want to reserve several parking spaces for the same period?

A separate reservation must be made for each vehicle.

How can I pay?

Pay by credit card (VISA, MasterCard). For additional payments you can use our automatic pay station. This accepts card payment (EC or credit card) and cash payment (max. 50€ banknotes).

Do I have to go to the ticket machine before leaving?

No, you can go directly to the exit with your car. Only in case of parking time overrun you have to go to the cashier.

What is the cost of losing the parking ticket?

If you lose your ticket, we will charge a one-time fee of 21,- € in addition to the accrued parking fees.

Is there staff on site?

You can reach our staff between 03:30 and 00:30 at the central entrance in the parking garage service office. If you have any problems or questions, we will be happy to help you.

Can I drive into the parking garage with a van or minibus?

The height limit in our parking garage is 1.95 m. Higher vehicles can unfortunately not park with us. The maximum length is 5.50 m.

Do I have cell phone reception at Holiday ParkPlus?

In our parking garage, reception is unfortunately only guaranteed on the upper floors.

Is there an electric charging station?

Unfortunately, we do not have a charging station at the moment, but it is being planned.


Address for your navigation system (arrival)
Holiday ParkPlus Parking Hamburg Airport
Obenhauptstraße 15
22335 Hamburg

Opening hours: 03:30 h – 00:30 h (all year)

(The parking garage is located at the corner “zum Weg beim Jäger”).

Service Hotline:
+ 49 (0)40/87977755

Daily from 03:30 – 00:30