Car Park Regulations

Car park “Holiday ParkPlus“, Weg beim Jäger 206/208, 22335 Hamburg When using the car park, the provisions of the Highway Code in their current version apply. If not otherwise regulated in the Highway Code, also applicable are the following


Section 1: Use and operation of the car park

The car park is open to the public and is available for general motor vehicle traffic, in particular parking in a manner appropriate to the purpose of the facility.
Hours of Operation: 24 hours a day, 365 days/year
All persons using the car park as well as its entrance and exit ramps, the pedestrian pavements and all other equipment such as the lifts, etc. shall comply with the provisions of the Highway Code, all other statutory or regulatory requirements as well as these car park regulations. All instructions of the park staff must be obeyed.
When entering and exiting the facility, users must take the necessary care in their vehicles, even if the car park staff is offering assistance in parking and the like. The official traffic signs and placards posted in the car park re to be observed.
Users may only drive their vehicles in the car park at a walking pace.
Users shall follow the do’s and don’ts of the relevant regulations. In the car park and on other thoroughfares on the car park property, the following are specifically prohibited:
• smoking and the use of open flames
• the storage or abandonment of fuels, empty fuel containers and other flammable materials as well as used cleaning agents (steel wool, etc.)
• the unnecessary running of engines honking and causing other sounds which disturb the peace
• repair and maintenance work on the vehicle
• dumping and storage of goods and waste, particularly fuels and combustible objects; as well as emptying fuel containers
• parking vehicles with leaking fuel tanks, oil pans, radiators, air conditioning units, carburettors and other vehicle components that could pose a risk to the operation of the parking facility
• parking of unregistered vehicles.
Der Benutzer hat sein Kfz auf einem markierten Einstellplatz so abzustellen, dass das ungehinderte Einsteigen und Aussteigen auf den benachbarten Stellplätzen jederzeit und ohne Behinderung möglich ist. The parking of vehicles outside the marked parking spaces is prohibited. If this regulation is violated, the car park operator is entitled to move the improperly parked vehicle at the user’s expense and risk to the prescribed parking space or another parking space within the car park.
The parked vehicle shall be carefully locked and secured from movement in the customary manner.
Loitering in the car park and in the access routes and ramps is prohibited.
The car park will be cleaned by its operator. However, users shall immediately remove any waste created. Trash and other contaminants left behind by users shall be removed by the operator at the user’s expense.
The park operator may remove the parked car in case of imminent danger and in other cases as specified in these regulations at the expense and risk of the user. This also applies if the vehicle is not roadworthy or is no longer legally permitted to operate on the public highways.


Section 2: Conditions for Use of the Car Park

RENTAL AGREEMENT The lessor provides the lessee one parking space for his car in accordance with the following rules. Upon acceptance of the parking voucher and/or driving the vehicle into the car park, a rental agreement is created for one parking space for one car. The rental agreement does not include or construe the inclusion of monitoring, custody or liability for the vehicle. The use of the car park is at your own risk. The parking of trailers is not allowed.
RENTAL PRICE AND DURATION The rent is calculated for each parking space according to the posted price list. Only vehicles less than 1.95 meters high (including components) may be parked. The vehicle may be removed only during the posted opening hours. The maximum parking period is 8 weeks, if not otherwise agreed in writing. After the expiration of the maximum parking period, the lessor is entitled to remove the vehicle at the expense of the lessee. In addition, the compensation listed in the posted price list shall be paid to the lessor before the vehicle is removed. The lessor reserves the right to demand in writing that the lessee, or if not known to the lessor, the owner of the vehicle, remove the vehicle under penalty of eviction. This requirement of written notice is waived if the lessor cannot determine the owner of the vehicle without considerable expense, such as making a query with the vehicle registration office. If the parking voucher is lost, the maximum rent in the amount of €200.00 shall be paid as stated in the posted price list, unless the lessee is able to prove a shorter period of use or the lessor can prove a longer period of use.
LIABILITY OF THE LESSOR The lessor assumes liability for all damages caused by the lessor, its employees or agents. The lessor is not liable for damages caused by the lessee’s conduct or the conduct of others. The landlord is not liable for property damage and financial damages caused by a slightly negligent breach of contractual obligations which are not essential for the purposes of this agreement. The lessee is obliged to notify the lessor’s staff of any obvious damage to his car immediately before leaving the parking facility via the designated call boxes at the pay machines or at the exits. If the lessee makes a valid claim for damages against the lessor, the lessee shall prove that the lessor has breached its contractual duties negligently.
LIABILITY OF THE LESSEE The lessee is liable for all damages caused by himself, his employees or agents to the lessor or third parties. Inasmuch as he is also liable for contamination of the parking facility through conduct that goes beyond the public use of the parking facility. This includes the dumping of garbage in the parking facility.
LIEN The lessor is hereby granted a right of retention and a statutory lien against the lessee’s vehicle for all such receivables derived from this agreement. If the lessee is in default in paying the amount receivable by the lessor, the lessor may exercise its lien no earlier than two weeks after giving the lessee a corresponding warning.


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